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    By Donna

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    We also do a fun paper mache project. We make our own globes. Just follow the normal paper mache techniques using newspaper over a round balloon. Then paint blue for the oceans. I have them label and color some printouts of the continents and then glue them onto their globe. We place the equator, prime meridian, north and south poles on the globe. I also have them put a "HERE I AM DOT" to label where we live.

    This project takes about three days to complete, but it is well worth the time. I usually do the original paper mache stuff on a Friday afternoon so that it has all weekend to dry. Then on Monday, we paint. Then on Wednesday we label and glue. By Friday-they are able to take their globes home. The balloons will eventually shrink and disappear (fall out). Some teachers choose to pop them and take them out before the child takes the project home.

    (This paper mache technique on a balloon can also be used to make great Easter egg decorations.)

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