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    Early Finishers
    By Peggy

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    I do something similar to Gina. On my chalkboard at the front, I have a poster that shows all of the early finisher options they have. This way, right in September I can train them to choose from the board rather than asking me. I also keep an early finisher file for the students in a designated area so that their early finisher work does not add to the choas of desks. Not that kids are every disorganized or anything!

    Some of my options are:
    1. Read
    2. Sketch
    3. Study (for upcoming tests)
    4. Unfinished work (other subjects)
    5. Homework
    6. Research Projects
    7. Vocabulary Detective (search out cool words in the dictionary, fill out form and have the option of sharing with a friend)
    8. Clean your desk
    9. Invent a game
    10. Write a story/letter etc

    Hope this helps!

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