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    Glacier Activity
    By BN

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    Glacier Activity
    You will need:
    **large pans(large aluminium turkey pans)
    pint milk cartons fill with water add some gravel, soil and freeze. You may also try qts.

    **Amount of materials depends on how many groups you want to do this act. or you can do one for entire class.

    Have student make mountains and valleys etc in pans. You may have to wet soil/sand etc in order to mold it into landform shapes.Add trees(twigs) plants(grass), bolders(stones) on mts. Make mts at a long end of pan and have land slope down to the opposite end.

    Tear off carton from ice.This is the glacier. Place glacier at the top of the mts. and have students observe as it melts and slides down hill.

    Students can take a piece of large drawing paper and fold it into four to six squares.In the first square have them draw and write a few sentences about the land before the glacier.Fill in squares as the glacier moves and melts. After the glacier has complely melted how did it change the land? What did it leave behind? You might have them write the time.You can brainstrom what they think will happen to the land forms and also
    talk about the time in would take a large glacier to move.Would an hour represent ten thousand years? etc.

    I would have this activity ready to go in the morning and observe throughout the day. Depending on the size of your glaciers and the heat* of your room(the Earth)the glacier might be melted the next day.After it melts the post glacier period may be observed.
    *Heat and climate would be another variable to discuss.

    This is the activity as I remember it.

    I did something like this with a 4 gr.We used water instead of ice to show rain, flooding and erosion.We made little Grand Canyons.It only took a class period.The glacier act. will take a day or more. It was great fun and educational.And messy-- the kids loved it!!

    I hope this will be useful. BN

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