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    By MJ

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    I divide into groups-usually no more than 3 in a group if possible. Then each group is given about five notecards with specific things to measure inside the room. On the card, they are to first estimate how long they think it will be, then record the actual length beside it. Sometimes with large groups it becomes a challenge to find enough different things to measure so you have to be creative.

    We have also had Measurement Olympics. I use LOTS of parent volunteers for this. I set up stations outside with various activities. For example, we did Olympic Golf--here we had some plastic golf clubs and cotton balls. They had to hit the cotton ball as far as possible and then measure it. (I had them estimate on each event what their total would be BEFORE we did the event) Another one was Olympic Flying--they made paper airplanes, Olympic Frisbee--they threw paper plates, Olympic Smiles--measured the width of their biggest smile with yarn then rulers--Olympic High Jump--put a wet sponge in hand and jumped up beside our building and touched the sponge to it--then measured, Olympic Death Grip--had a container of wet sponges-each took a sponge out and over a measuring cup squeezed out as much water as possible--Olympic Jump Rope--counted in one minute how many jumps they could do. You can be creative and come up with better names and more activities. Parents were quick to help and it has always been successful.

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