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    Centers Ideas - Easy
    By Kerry

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    Centers can be as basic or as involved as you want. I know it's SO hard not to get bogged down by all of the IDEAS out there on Centers. I have been doing Centers for years and although they definitely work for me and I like them, there are times I feel like I could be doing them better, BECAUSE of all those IDEAS out there! Here are some basics you can try:

    *Spelling: You must have spelling words on a weekly basis, right? Pin them up in a little area, and have some basic materials, like crayons, stamps, magnets, and stencils for the kids where they can practice their words. All you need to change weekly is the words.

    *Reading: Have them choose independent reading materials at their levels, read, and them do a book report or a project. You can change the book report format or the project monthly to keep their interest.

    *Listening: Have 5 selections or so per month with a listening report to fillout after.

    *Math: Have games or self-select worksheets available that go along with the skills you are teaching. Change them when you move onto different skills.

    *Rsearch: You can have independent reading selections out with subjects relevant to your curriculum in science or social studies, and even map skills! You can offer webs as well as mapping activities.

    There are very easy ways you can do Centers without driving yourself loco. Good luck!!

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