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    Student Teacher
    By Bonnie

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    I've has several student teachers. I try to give them an information packet to helpd them become familiar with our class and school. I give them a copy of my letter to parents, a class list, the PTO handbook, a copy of my plans for that week (and each week that I write them, until they take over), a planbook, and a summary of the state core standards. They start out observing and helping indivual students who need help. The student teacher generally starts with something easy like spelling and we gradually add curriculum areas until they are running the whole day. At the begining, I write the lesson plans. Eventually they write the plans after discussing them with me. I am felxible and let them try new things, however, I want to be aware of what they are doing and what approach they are using.

    A former principal would not let us leave the student teachers alone. My current principal lets them handle the class alone. If I stay in the room all of the time, I have a tendency to interrupt and the kids turn to me to ask questions. Student teachers often are uncomfortable discipining students with the co-operating teacher in the classroom. Once the student teacher is comfortable, I drift in and out of the room.

    I try to spend some time at the end of the day with the student teacher to discuss their perceptions of their lessons, as well as mine. I try to start with positive feedback and then offer suggestions.

    I have noticed that many student teachers concentrate on the lessons that they prepare for their supervisor and give less thought to other lessons presented that day.

    I have learned something from each of the student teachers that I have worked with. Another adult in the classroom can be a great help.

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