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    Cleaning out a room
    By Robin

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    Your story reminded me of when I moved from third to fourth grade. The teacher whose place I was taking was a real "pack rat", and had a lot of stuff that was "junk" to me. I even found an old purse (no money in it, ha, ha) and a pair of old panty hose in one closet! She did come into school at a mutually arranged time and put items she considered her personal belongings on one side of the room, and anything left, I could do what I wanted with. I think part of the problem is that as teachers, we very rarely get time to sort and go through things except for the summer, and that time is somewhat lost with professional demands increasing and our need to enjoy some personal "down" time. We also tend to hoard and save, thinking that the workbooks we throw out one minute might be needed the next. I think that the people who leave the room, regardless of reason (except for illness), should be responsible for removing their own personal things. As for what the district owns, if it's that grade level's stuff, I don't think the former occupant can judge what you might want unless they have the opportunity to talk to you directly. I'm sorry that you have so much organizing to do, but I'm sure your hard work will pay dividends in that the things in your room will be things you really want and need. Every time I've moved rooms since, I've tried to get rid of things, especially since my rooms have gotten progressively smaller. Good luck to you and best wishes for a terrific year!

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