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    By M.

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    First, let me tell you that IMO no matter what age you teach, you are not asking too much from what it sounds like to me. It seems like the other children do fine-and she is the one who's not! Here are some other suggestions:

    1. You didn't say how long school has been in session, but I'm guessing maybe 2 weeks max? Then you said that taking away recess, etc does not work. The thing is, sometimes you need to try for a few weeks at least before the punishment becomes effective.

    2. This child is disrupting the other children from what it sounds like. Probably to a point where the other children can't learn. Is that correct? If I am, have you told the principal that because this child can't behave in your room, you need to have her gone for at least a period of time so the other children can focus? I realize that your principal is probably unsuportive considering the terrible way she acted. Is there anyway you could send her out without bothering the principal who seems unsuportive? Maybe the aid could take her to sit in the hall or the counselor can talk to her about it. I realize that you probably teach the younger grades and this harder to do for you than it is to me (When my students are disrupting others, they are sent out right away, but they are older-in the fifth grade.)

    3. Would the principal want to be in the room and really watch how the child acts? See if you can get that happen, then maybe the principal would see that she is disruptive.

    4. I wish you luck this year with this student! I hope the confrence went well. I hope your school year gets better ASAP!

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