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    sloppy writing
    By sloppy writing

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    I can't believe some of the ideas on this message board.

    I am a parent of a "now grown" child with AD/HD. Most children with AD/HD have difficulty with handwriting and fine motor skills. You suggest punishing them by keeping them at recess. This was done by MANY MANY teachers throughout my child's school education. He is 20 years old and still has sloppy handwriting. This is a problem that cannot be corrected through punishment. It is part of the disorder.
    Through some research of our own at home, we found that 1) he needed to use a pencil. He found pens "too slippery". 2) a mechanical pencil worked best for him. It gave him more control. Because handwriting was so mentally exhausting for him, the longer the assignment, the worse his handwriting became. For projects and homework, I would have him dictate his answers to me and I would type them or before we owned a computer, I would write them (exactly as he said). If the purpose of the assignment is to assess the child's knowledge, then marking questions wrong because of sloppy writing does not assess their knowledge and only frustrates the child more. He had one extremely wonderful teacher who actually figured this out. If she couldn't make out his answer on a test, she would keep him for a few minutes after class and ask him the questions verbally. If he knew the answer, he was given credit for it. Not only did his marks soar that year, but his self-esteem as well. He also tried much hard with his handwriting because he had finally felt that he was understood. Maybe this is something a few of the teachers on this board should think about.

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