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    fast finishers
    By Kelly

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    In my room the students who needed the extra boost were in 2 groups. The ones that needed a boost and the ones that really were working above grade level. The ones that needed the boost were given more responsibility. They were told they were capable of more then they were giving. I did not want them to think they were "better" then the rest of the class. So it was a personal goal. I took their problem areas and gave them personal goals. Write more, different style, using thesaurus while writing etc. The group working above grade level was given a special project. It was done during group time and was not presented as special project. Just different. Last year my top group studied fairy tales and ultimately wrote their own doing illustrations and everything. Their goal was to take it from story webbing to rough draft to edited draft to good copy. When done they read it to various other classes. They were very proud. During transitions or times when they had completed other work they would work on this. The first group would have a special folder with fun activities designed for an individual student. Like Jamie -- really really good at math -- always finished early loved to try to stump others. So he would create questions based on what was being studied at the time and solve. I would review and occasionally use them in one of the centers with a note on it saying it was created by Jamie - he was estatic.

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