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    talking, talking, talking
    By Lisa

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    I am a new teacher this year and just have to agree that phrases like 'oh really' wow, interesting, and questions like, oh what do YOU normally do for something like that' are good ways to avoid getting pulled in to the gossip about other people's teaching styles. Its alarming when you havent met other staff members yet and some are already telling you about them and expecting you to mock someone you have never seen or spoken to. Moreover, I have gone out of my way to get to school at 10am til noon since most teachers mosy in at noon to get their rooms ready. I also have accomplished 80% of what I need to do in my room now, when school doesn't start for 2 more weeks so that if and when I get talking with staff members during the remaining, I will have my work done and be able to finish up in between conversations. It's tough because I want to be there to meet everybody as they come in before professional dev. days start and to get feedback on my room, get info about scheduling, etc as it is available, but at the same time, I dont want to wait to get all my work done until the last minute, OR sit there with nothing to do, putzing around in my room just for the sake of being there to meet and greet lol.

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