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    spending your own money
    By new teacher, spending lots of

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    As a first year teacher, I was ecstatic to get a job after spending my first year out of college subbing. During college, I attended bookfairs, library sales, etc to build up a classroom library for various levels, bought bulletin board stuff, asked for teaching resources, displays etc as xmas gifts during student teaching, all to build up for the one day when I had my own classroom. Jobs were scarce in my area again this year (what else is new lol) and I was so pleased to get a job that I wouldnt dare ask for much, I'd teach out of a closet if I had to this year just to know I had a job, but at the same time, am getting really tired of my well meaning administrator sweetly telling me not spend my own money, not to spend my whole 1st paycheck before I get it. I feel like saying, LOOK I walked in to an empty room which consisted of a fan (thank god) and two outdated globes. THATS IT. I still dont have a teacher's desk (they're 'looking' for one for me) and I dont know how you expect me to decorate and have a welcoming classroom full of books and displays when I am walking into a dirty, dingy room that doesnt even have an overhead projector or overhead screen because those, along with teachers desk, have been looted. They were kind enough to leave behind some dried out markers, a child's coat and bookbag that belong in the lost and found, and some random items that people didnt know where else to put that are of no use in a 5th grade. I didnt expect you to hand me $500 worth of supplies but dont repeatedly act like I'm foolish for spending money on basic supplies when I need to have a room I feel comfortable in." she was kind enough to give me a small box of supplies to 'get me started' including a stapler, tape and a pack of index cards, and maybe $20 worth of other such office supplies. I was thankful for those in that I didnt have to spend my own money on those things TOO but she added that I could catch other things on sale. Fine. I really dont care but meanwhile other teachers are stopping in asking how much I spent and commenting that they spend their own too. However, they add that they each had a budget of literally $300 or more dollars per classroom and I'm thinking to myself, that would be a welcome addition. HOw about the new person who has NOTHING to start getting some starter money. We havent had a chance to accumulate anything yet or have leftovers from last year. I KNEW i would spend a lot on my own room no matter what, thats what I chose to do by collecting this stuff over time, but when another teacher has 2 desks, 4 tables and various technology items and the new teacher has NO desk, an out-of-date
    computer that they had to steal a table from aspecials room to put it on, no workspace for aides (like a small spare table) no printer, no overhead and no MAPS (bought those myself too and attached them to the back board with magnets)maybe people could think about sharing the wealth when the tables and desks are school property and should be distributed equally?

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