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    appropriate or not
    By Sue W.

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    As a new teacher, I was amazed when the kids sat on the floor around me on a chair at story time and I'd feel little fingers rubbing on the nylons on my calf. Then there was the cute dress I got with alphabet letters, just right for school, I thought, till I realized that second graders can seldom point without touching.
    The fact that the child you are working with can talk and that he is academically doing well does not mean that he is a normal child in all areas. You are dealing with a child who, quite possibly, has even less concept of appropriate and inappropriate social behavior than much younger children would be expected to have. He needs to be taught, not punished. You do not have to accept the behavior, part of your job is to help him behave in a normal age-appropriate way with others. Do not assume he is doing it to annoy you or for sexual reasons. It is not personal, so don't take it that way. Working with normal kids doesn't prepare you to deal with this tyoe of situation but I know you can get through it.

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