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    things they never taught you
    By Tanya

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    I graduated from teaching college 5 years ago and started teaching right away. At college they hardly ever mentioned classroom management and that's the key to all of your teaching. Don't sweat it though because you'll get better day by day, month by month and year by year. You'll tweak what annoys you most as you go along. Thinking back to my beginning days I think I'd recommend this. Keep them busy by having a plan that includes more than you'll actually need. If the kids are busy they have less time to be out-of-order. A signal for quiet that you'll use repeatedly must be taught and practiced. I used "give me 5." You'll go over rules/procedures repeatedly throughout the first few weeks. I plan 6 weeks before I start to see them acting like "my" class. Right now they're used to the rules and procedures of their last teacher so keep at it. This is hard for them too. Visit this board frequently so you can look at ideas, try them out and then call them your own. The Proteacher Archives and a nice tool and there are other behavior management sites on the Internet. Teachers on this board are happy to share so please feel free to ask for advice whenever. And you need to know that every teacher has experienced what you're experiencing now. Classroom managment is dynamic, tough and frequently challenging. And sometimes the new teacher gets many of the behavior problems. The up side of that is you'll get them figured out and have a much easier job as the months and years go by. Best wishes.

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