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    what grade are you teaching?
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Trust me everyone is going through the same things for the first day and probably for the next 1 to 3 weeks. The first 3 weeks of school are the ones where we lay down the foundation of what we are expecting from our students and also time for us to learn more about them as well and how they behave.

    If they are fidgity plan for some "breaks" throughout the day - little 2 minute games, ice-breakers, poems, chants, songs, etc., depending on the grade level you are teaching. They are excited, nervous, tired, etc., so it's just hard for them to focus right now.

    Don't worry about taking time to reinforce rules and proper behaviour - even the oldest students need the reminders it seems that first week or two back. Every morning start off with a short (5 minute) reminder on the class rules. Then just remind as necessary throughout the day.

    Also be sure about what you are doing - for example if you have stated hands up for questions - then be sure only to take questions from those with hands up. Sometimes we confuse the students by saying one thing and then allowing other things as well.

    AND IT DOES GET BETTER!!!! (or at least most of the time, we all get that one class that is more difficult than others at least once or twice in our career, but even those classes do improve).

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