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    Classroom rules
    By Mary

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    Hello New Teacher! I agree with others to keep rules simple. I do believe that procedures, common courtesies, and rules are similar, but there are some distinct differences and I point them out as the year goes on. Since our communities (society etc.) have rules that we must obey, I think it's appropriate to call rules, rules and identify consequences. I usually choose one or two simple rules such as obeying traffic signs. We discuss why they were made and what the consequences are of not following such rules. Then we discuss a similar school rule: walk in the building at all times. After discussing etc., I take the class out and walk somewhere in the building. We identify potentially hazardous places where running can get one hurt (around corners etc.). I'll even add a little modeling session with two volunteers who can show us how to walk, even if it's quick walking because they might be in a hurry, to stay safe (keep themselves and OTHERS safe). I try to model the most important learnings that I want the students to have. It can be made quite fun and we often share belly laughs as different funny scenarios come up. Keep it serious, but light and reinforce, reinforce, reinforce! Good luck!

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