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    By Despartely need help

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    I am having the same problem. My kids are one of the worst groups. And I hate to talk negative about them. I just can't take it anymore. My kids don't listen to me. I get their attention for all of one second. Right now we are doing a prekindergarten test and rarely any of my 19 kids have gotten the questions right about following more than one direction at a time. They just can't do it. None have ever been to school. I don't know how to teach these things. I was taught to teach academics not life skills. It is like they have never had any structure in thier whole life. They don't know a thing. How do you teach children to follow dirctions, to be quiet, to stay in thier seat, to not push and shove. I try separtating, screaming, talking to personally, Hitting my paddle on the table. Nothing scares them. I am not friendly. I am mean and I won't them to know I am boss. But nothing I do gets through. I don't know what to threaten them with because we don't have recess and we are just starting extra activites. It is the transition times and the waiting to do whatever we have to do times that I don't have anything for them to do. And even if I let them color in their coloring books or try them sitting quietly, it doesn't work. I have read the Harrry Wong book, I know what to do, it is the implementation and the fact I don't know if it will work becasue it doesn't not seem like anything works. It would be easier if it was just one or two kids and the rest were fine but they are all monsters and I can't simply just say ok. That was one warning, for each child. There is no way to keep up with it. No time to write it all down and then they all act up at the same time. Please someone respond with good advice that can truly help. How do I get through these first weeks of learning the process of school for these kindergartners. by the way, this is my first year and I did not want kindergarten. I was thrown into it the second day of school.

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