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    By cc

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    I have my books labeled by theme/genre and leveled too. I bought colored electrical tape for my levels, but now if I was to do it, I would buy the colored masking tape you can find in teacher magazines because there are 10 different colors. I put the level on the spine and the kids know what color they are able to check out (GR levels)
    Then, I have a spinning rack that I have certain topics or genres of books. For example, I have all mysteries in one of the cubbies - or two if they don't fit (these include different levels of books). I put a construction paper label on the front that tells what the genre is. I have all of the cubbies that are split up by GENRE in neon green. I also have certain authors and I will put their names - like how I put the genre on a hot pink label that goes on the front of the cubby. Then, I also have series that are on bright blue (exa. Arthur or Magic Treehouse).
    I hope this makes sense. If you need me to explain it differently or more thorough let me know.

    Have fun!!!

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