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    to annie: first grade non readers
    By jody

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    Not to the "olden days" (the 70's) when i started teaching first grade, few if any children came in reading. They will learn. Most children learn to read in spite of us! Set the stage. Fill your room with literacy. Use a list of the most commonly used words and build sight words from there. Start a word wall with their help. What can we make from "at" hat, cat etc. Build on what they know. If you know cat, you know hat, hats etc. Read to them as often as you can. Have books everywhere. Immerse them in language. I promise you, they will read. As for word copying, it's actually developmentally inappropriate for 1st graders at this point, but if your administrator doesn't agree, start with something short and repetitive. That goes for your morning message too,if you use one. By Nov. you will be having fun. The beginning is very stressful. Just accept it, and know that you will reap rewards that don't come in any other grade level. One more thing... A trainer from the Gesel Institute relayed these words of wisdom: DO LESS AND DO IT BETTER. It's helpful when you start to get overwhelmed! And, I promise that if you set the stage for them to read, they spite of any "mistakes" you, I or anyone else make. Enjoy first grade. It's the toughest and the best! jody

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