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    By J

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    All great ideas! To add one idea to that...if you have some that don't know letter sounds, we have an abc chant that goes with an abc chart. They say and point to the letters on the chart
    A, a alligator (and then they make the sound of a)
    B, b bear (and then they make the sound of b)
    C, c cat etc. When they have forgotten a sound while reading and writing, I hear them saying
    E, e elephant (and they make the e sound) under their breathe. I review this with all 1st graders at the beginning of the year but continue for those that don't know letters and sounds. I did not think this would be very affective at first but I was amazed at how well it helped those that needed it.

    We use a district assessment to let us know where the kids are at in reading. I start from there to know how to proceed and group. I am drawing a blank on names of good books and authors. Debbie....Miller I think, sorry

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