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    clear expectations-teach procedures
    By Jessica

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    The first few days, the kids are learning by mistake. I would not "pull a ticket" unless they a)hurt someone else--time out, talking to, apology
    or b) ruin someone else's things--time out, talking to, apology. This is what you would do at other times of the year. Be consistent to set the tone.
    When a child "disobeys a rule," teach at that very moment what is the right thing to do. Often, the kids know what they should have done, but need reminders and consistent consequences. Also, if neccesary, I use the "teacher stare" to show my disapproal. It is very important to show care and lots of smiles to this very child, so they learn to trust and like you.

    My advice would be for you to be VERY clear about your expectations at every part of the day. The kids can't really think in "rules" yet, but they can behave a certain way, sit a certain way, walk a certain way with lots of modeling, talking through, and praise.

    Here are some areas you need to think about before school starts. Talk to other teacehrs for ideas about...lining up, getting drinks, going to the bathroom, moving around the classroom...

    The first few days, your words are like magic to the kids. Just "notice" someone doing the right thing--even if you don't say their name, and others will immediatly follow suit.
    Also, keep lots of tricks in your bags to redirect--such as songs, hand clap rhythms.

    The first part of what I do is teach students how I will get their attention, how they should get my attention, bathroom routines, and about general safety when appropriate.

    I teach students this procedure for getting my attention at the carpet or desks:
    Look at the teacher, raise your hand, wait for the teacher to call your name. I taught this procedure and it worked all year--of course I repeated it a lot, but it really helped diffuse my frustrations. When a child called out, I would say this and call on someone doing the right thing.

    Hope this helps.

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