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    By kay

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    Hi Jen,
    After working in inner-city, the prison, etc...I took a grad class at Michigan State in Linguistics, just out of my own "interest". That class reconfirmed what I learned in my prior experiences. There is a cultural language difference when dealing with students. Those who "ask" are considered "weak". Those who "tell" have authority and are "respected".

    You asked me about my basic plan these days. As I said, I thought I was dealing with a "different" population......I was wrong....the same "code" above still applies to "normal kids". That was what I learned. I posted this on another discussion page, but I will say it again. Hopefully, no one will get angry at me for saying the same thing. You don't "plead", "compromise", "yell" or "ask"; you just say "you were too loud lining up, go back to your seats". You "tell" them and you don't have to be mean, sometimes I just use my index finger and make a circle to indicate "go back". (This works well when lining up for lunch and they don't want to be late.) The secret is to be consistent.

    After two years with "normal 4th graders",this 3rd year I am minimizing (ms?) my rewards and only rewarding when I feel it is warranted.

    I hope this helps you and I wish you well in obtaining a job in Florida. I know that some places in Florida are very challenging because of the second language issue. But I do want to say, if you have teaching in your heart: GO FOR IT!

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