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    shameless plug indeed
    By kay

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    I must agree with your "shamelessness". I read the "Classroom Management by Genghis" before I read your reply to the above message. I was not going to respond, but after you posted the "shameless plug", I cannot let this go.

    While I respect your philosophies and methods and actually agree with most of them, I found you somewhat "puffed up" with your "Copyright" at the bottom of your posting. Are you staging to get free promotion for a book that you wrote on a teacher board that is supposed to be a sharing time and an opportunity to help other teachers!

    As respected for his methods as Dr. Wong is, I am sure if he joined the message board, he would not have included a "Copyright" notice for any of his input. Your action suggests to me that this is a back-handed way of promoting yourself for some gain.

    Correct me if I am wrong. I am not trying to be disrespectful, but would appreciate an answer to my above observation. I am going to "copy & paste" this in order to email it to you. Sincerely, Kay

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