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    Survivor Posts.....
    By Jeannine Magarelli

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    I've posted alot of stuff and ask alot of questions. Behavior board each child gets a monkey with there name on it. Laminated and put velcro on monkeys hand laminate colored bananas to go on monkey's hand as well as monkey.
    Green banana-good behavior/reward
    Yellow banana-warning/no reward
    Blue banana-lose privileges/no reward
    Red banana-teacher call parent for conf./no reward
    At the end of each week if they keep a green banana they go to treasure box on friday last period of the day. BB is Titled "No Monkey Business In Ms. Magarelli's Room"
    I will also give out Banana bucks during cooperative group work for students that show good listening and working skills. They can be redeemed once a month at the "Jungle Junction Store" for example: 5 banana bucks-HW Pass etc...
    Front Door of Classroom: "Survivor 3rd Grade This Years Contestants Are".... Each child will create a profile about themselves and we'll take a picture to attach on each profile and place on front door.
    Students sit in grps. of 4 in my class each group or table will create their own tribe name and flag (this is also a first week activity).
    for example: The Jaguar Tribe
    There will be daily educational challenges as well as just for fun challenges I have incorporated this into grade appropriate tasks. For example task cards with daily challenges, treasure huts (map skills), etc..
    I have a bamboo hut in my class which is the reading hut for SSR and indiv. reading I also purchased a lot of classroom decor from oriental trading co. Grass skirt type borders around center tables, blow up animals, parrots, totem pole, palm tree etc...
    If you need any more help just ask!
    Also check out
    This is Busybees site she posts a lot of stuff too and is a big help!

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