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    By Corey

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    Hi Tara-
    I'm about your age too, and am enrolled in a teaching credential program (multiple subject for elementary school). Though I am straight, I want to recommend an interesting book I was assigned to read as part of my college coursework. The book is called, "School's Out." It was written by Dan Woog. The book is basically a collection of shared stories and experiences of both teachers and students who are gay. Some of the stories are coming out stories, and some are stories of experiences in the school system. It is a very compelling and touching book! You might want to pick it up.

    In some areas, teachers feel free to be open and out, but in other areas they choose to keep their private lives private. It's a tough personal decision. I think it really depends on you, the community where you live, etc.Perhaps you can be selective about where you choose to work. In this book I read about some schools in our country that honor diverse families of all types, and so they have a much more welcoming atmosphere.Some schools and areas on the otherhand can be VERY homophobic and judgemental (which is why I was assigned to read this book in college- to enlighten me to the discrimination pain & suffering that goes on).

    Good luck! If you love kids & love to teach, then you should definately look into teaching as a career.I hope you get some positive support & feedback!

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