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    Poster Board Problems
    By Lori

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    I do this several ways.

    You can put the problems on the poster board -- say for fractions. Then give the problems to the students on a sheet of paper to do on a review day or a pre-test day. As you go over the problems, you can have students who get the problems correct write the answer on the board.

    Another way is to give groups of students a strip. Let them work on the problems on their strip together using scrap paper. When they think they have their answer write it on the strip -- if they are really difficult, say for an honors class, they will check with the instructor first -- Correct strips are added to the border.

    I change the strips with the topic we are covering -- for example, fractions, decimals, long division, multiplication, etc. so the same border does not stay up for the whole year. You can constantly change the borders changing one strip at any time. Sometimes to work a border strip is a reward for students who have finished their daily work.

    Another variation is to write a word problem on the strips and then post around a board covered in plain white butcher paper. Students can write their solutions on the paper. My students sign their name to their solutions and correct answers get a bonus point or trip to the prize chest, etc.

    Hope that helps clarify a bit. To start with so that your board is not "naked" you could put unsolved problems on the strips and use the first method. Then as the year progresses you can let them work the problems before changing the border.

    Also, if you have varying levels in your class and need to differentiate instruction, you can make easier problems in one color, medium difficult problems in another, and honors problems in yet another color. Students can work their way up as they get more proficient.


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