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    3rd grade reading
    By Kelly

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    We teach based in a 90 minute literacy block. Into this time on a weekly basis we will use such methods as:
    Oral word work
    Shared reading
    Shared writing
    Modled reading
    Modled writing
    Independent reading
    Independent Writing
    Word wall work
    Choral reading
    Group reading group writing

    Introducing concepts such as:
    Vocabulary introduction
    Pre-reading strategies
    post reading strategies
    Segmenting and blending sounds
    decoding skills
    syllanle patterns

    I have various activities based around the words on the word wall. To reinforce them and keep them thinking about them and trying to incorporate them into their everyday use.

    I personally do daily 1 on 1's with as many students as possible (during a 20-30 min. time frame) usually about 2-4. During this time I may:
    Address any Questions or concerns they have
    Have them read to me
    Address a problem I note in their daily work and present a challenge. ie. I have notice Sally is not using any end punctuation so I show her a recent work sample and insure she understands how to use them properly and challenge her to not let me notice a sentence without an end punctuation during the next 2 week center rotation. This I find is typically long enough to set a pattern for them. They love to "beat me"!

    This keeps me aware of their current ability levels and progress.

    Hope this helps a little anyway.

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