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    By pjm

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    our school runs a disabilites week....and if I can I will post what we do...but I am not yet able to get into the shcool to get any off the top of my head here are some things I remember from last year.

    Buy children's sized gardening gloves (look for the ones without rubber on the fingertips) and then have the chilred count money wearing the gloves...or othe small motor tasks.

    If you have access to a wheel chair have the kids do a wheel chair obstacle course thru the class room...they don't realized how difficult it is to get thru a classroom with all the "kid" stuff in the way. You can also have walkers and crutches. And you can always send them into the class bathroom with their wheel's been my experience that most classroom bathrooms won't acommodate a wheel chair.

    Put vasaline on glasses and have the children read.

    Look for guest speakers such as Paws with a Cause...they often come out and speak to schools. Also we have a wheel chair basket ball team in our town and they come out and play a game of basketball...they get volunteers from the audience to play (in chairs they bring) against the wheel chair's great fun.

    Have some children wear ear plugs or those ear protectors that people wear that look like head phones....and then talk to them in a quiet voice. We have our kid volunteers wear them during story time....

    Have kids write with their left hands if they're right handed and right hands if they're left handed. Have them take their spelling test this way.

    If you want to really impress on them then when they are doing their tasks with the handicapped item keep saying hurry up we need to finish...

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