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    Classroom rules
    By Sukie

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    Your idea sounds pretty good. I like to keep it very simple though. I read "No, David!" and the other book about David. We establish our rules and that's it. When a child is talking or not raising their hand, or not in their seat or any other "infraction", I say to them that they are breaking a rule. Then I pause a long time and ask them if they wanted to do that. Of course, they say no. Then I ask them what rule they just broke and tell them very simply to not break a rule again. Then go on as if there was no disruption. My message is that we don't break rules. If you get too fancy or elaborate, they don't get it. Your friend's idea is fine, but don't forget that first graders can't read yet and may not understant that Safe, Kind, and Learning are the basis for rules. Whatever system you use, make sure you are comfortable with it and can enforce it. But, keep it simple, simple, simple with a reward or consequence.

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