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    Class Jobs
    By StephR

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    I am doing a whole "Classroom Government" thing (I did it in 5th and adapted it to 3rd). It is based on the order of Presidential Succession.
    I find that the jobs I give the kids are things I really need done in my class. They do the jobs each day so that I do not need to remember to do some of the stuff (like distribute the drill tests and check up on the library book check out) I have such a bad memory when it comes to that stuff!!! So here is my list. Hope it helps you some!!

    Office monitor, Flag Salute leader, Cafeteria monitor, Line leader.

    Vice President
    Office monitor, President fill-in, Cafeteria monitor, pass out Uniform tickets

    Speaker of the House
    Unlocks and holds door when class is entering/leaving, Turns off/on all lights, “All Clear” check in emergency, Daily classroom clean-up check, Answers phone.

    Secretary of State
    Emergency Pack and Attendance cards (in an emergency). Attendance monitor.

    Attorney General
    Records and returns all behavior cards at end of day, Makes sure all behavior labels are correct and accurate

    Senators (2)
    Responsible for lightning rod distribution and maintenance as well as computer usage/well-being.

    Congressmen (2)
    Collect and turn in papers from tables, Help pass out homework folders at the end of the day, make sure table members are on task.

    Governors (3)
    Distributes homework and other papers to go home at the end of the day. Distributes all papers throughout the day.

    Selects ball for recess and lunch times, responsible for ball during breaks.

    Librarians of Congress (2)
    Oversees book check out, Cleans and straightens library and books daily.

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