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    homeworkopoly for fall
    By LLK

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    Yes, I used it last year for my first year in fourth grade, after teaching fifth for about 15 and 6th for 2 years. My class loved it. We played on Friday also, although usually in the afternoon, because of a hectic morning schedule. I used a 'prize box' for rewards that included things from Oriental Trading and other 'junk' you pick up from teacher's convention like posters, etc. I had a hard time deciding where to put my board because of my room and this was an obstacle for awhile.
    I ended up placing the laminated board that I downloaded from the homeworkopoly site on a door that led to a furnace room. I used business cards for tags for the kids to use as markers to move around the board, because I couldn't pin anything to the board, but I could tape things. Magnets would have been ideal, but not for my area.
    Something I will change this year is the prize box. I didn't like giving my fourth graders toys, even though the prize box had pencils, erasers, etc in it, they would generally choose the toy. So this year, I am having a 'leveled' prize box. By that I mean, on week one, if they have all homework in, they can choose a 'ticket'
    instead of an automatic trip to the prize box if they land on that square. ( Pass Go, and other squares were opportunities to go to the prize box...) Then the ticket may be saved for another time, and redeemed with other earned tickets to go to the 'more expensive' prize box. ( Have to think of a label for that yet.) In that box, I am planning on having tons of school supplies that I am loading up on now, when prices are cheap. I spent 17 cents on glue yesterday at Wal Mart, and I would rather do that then some of the toys from Oriental Trading. I hope this makes sense to is hard to explain for me, I guess.
    You will need to think through what 'reward' students receive when they land on various spots, like the library, etc. I made my chance and community chest cards on business cards by Avery, and I will have less of 'help the teacher' ones to more things like 'computer time for 15 minutes' or 'sit by a friend today'. I need to think through that yet.

    Hope this helps. I have taught for awhile and found that it is a good motivating tool for the students at Grade 4 level.

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