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    Word Problems
    By RM

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    I've had this problem with students before. To help with the word problems I use UPS Check. The

    U- stands for Understand. They ask themselves some simple questions...What do I know from the problem? What do I need to know? In the beginning they have to write the answers to these two questions for each word problem.

    P- Plan. The have to make a plan to solve the problem. How will you solve the problem? Again, they write it out.

    S- solve. Solve the problem and show all of their work.

    Check- Prove their answer. They cannot use the same problem they used for the solve. Ex. If it was a subtraction problem they would have to add to prove the answer.

    It takes alot of time in the beginning, but once they learn the thinking process for solving word problems it's much quicker. Most kids usually only have to write everything out for a couple of weeks. I have other kids who develop a short hand and rely on UPS all year long.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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