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    First Day Letter to Parents
    By Anne

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    Here is a copy of my First Day Letter to parents!

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to first grade! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer with your family. I am looking forward to an exciting ten months getting to know your child. My twenty-one years as an educator have taught me communication between parents and school staff is just as important as the learning process. I will need your cooperation in order to make your child’s transition from home to school successful everyday. Please voice your concerns to me as soon as they come up. I will be sure to communicate mine with you. I would also like to know of any changes going on at home, which might affect your child’s behavior. A parent leaving on a business trip, illness, visiting relatives or a nightmare may show up in the classroom as tantrums, tears, excitement or sadness. I can best help your child adjust if I know why he or she is feeling out of sorts.
    The best way to inform me would be a note in my mailbox or a message on my voicemail. I urge you not to talk in front of your child or try to speak to me during the morning rush. If you need to speak to me in person, please schedule an appointment either before or after school. This way we can focus on the issue at hand.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Our partnership will go a long way in sending a positive message to your child. I have taken this opportunity to provide you with some important and helpful information on the back. Please post it in a convenient location!


    Mrs. _______________

    Mrs. ______________
    Room #148
    School phone: XXXXXXX

    1.READ TO YOUR CHILD EVERYDAY! (At least 15 minutes!)
    2.YOU MUST INFORM ME OF ANY CHANGES IN DISMISSAL IN WRITING. OTHERWISE YOUR CHILD WILL BE SENT HOME THE USUAL WAY!!! Your children need that concrete reminder. This greatly eases your child’s mind and reduces stress at dismissal!
    3.Send in a large T shirt or smock for art (Wednesday).
    4.Have your child wear sneakers on Mondays and Thursdays (Physical Education).
    5.Dress your child for the weather. Make sure they have what they need. Label your child’s belongings.
    6.Set up your child’s lunch account as soon as possible.
    Make checks payable to XXXXXXX
    7.Birthdays: A special snack is always welcome! Please drop it off first thing in the morning so I can best decide when to serve it.
    8.Book Orders: Make check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.
    9.Snack: Send one each day please. Our lunch is at 12:45 and your child will need it! Adrink is optional.
    10. Donations: All are welcome! In the past parents have
    contributed coffee cans, egg cartons, paper plates, paper
    lunch bags, paper grocery bags with handles, old news-
    papers or magazines.
    11. Parent Homework: Please go over all work sent home in your
    child’s folder. Discuss the work. Take time to notice the things
    your child does well or struggles with. Look for any notes or
    notices for you as well! Please read and respond promptly!


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