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    Behavior Management
    By jeannine

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    I do a "Ballooning Behavior Board" title on top of BB.
    It is color coded-Larger ballons posted at top with the following:
    Green Balloon-Good Behavior
    Yellow Balloon-Warning
    Blue Balloon-Lost Priviledges
    Red Balloon- Teacher Calls Parent

    Each student has a pocket with their name on it at the beginning of each week each child has a green balloon if they keep it until Friday they go to the treasure box(you can use stickers or other incentives). You have to prepare the balloons before school begins-green balloons for the whole class and yellow for about 1/2 class, maybe 5 blue and 5 red they are placed in a small mini pocket chart velcro to bottom of BB for easy access. This works great for the year but what sets the tone that you mean business when it comes to behavior is to make an example. There will always be 1 child that can try your patience so the 1st student that gets a red balloon I take my cell phone out in class and call the parent on the spot. The rest of the class now knows you mean business!!! Most of all be consistent!!! If Johnny is talking during a lesson tell him to move his balloon. This means from green to yellow and so on. I printed small colored balloons from clip art laminated them and glued them to popsicle sticks so they slightly stick out of the student's pockets-making it easy to see the colored balloons.If you have Everyday math on Friday we have game day-my students lose that priviledge and must work from a text book instead.
    I've used this 2 yrs. in a row its great you can also tie in a circus theme for your room! I hope this helps!

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