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    racing theme (long!!!)
    By Betsy

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    Hi Jen and fellow racing themers! I've gotten a lot of my ideas from this site as well. Here's what I'm doing:

    *I ordered a 100ft racing pennant banner from Oriental Trading for $5.95. The flags, of course, are black/white checkered. I will hang these from the ceiling.
    ( item#MY25/1913)

    *Attendance/Homework: This will be displayed together on the doors of my storage cabinet. The title will be "The Starting Line." One door will have red paisley print library pockets , one for each student. When they come in the mornings they will put a card in their pocket to show if they are hot or cold lunch. To make the cards, I bought a pack of blank yellow playing cards from the teacher store. Then I used PrintMaster15 on my computer to make labels for hot/cold lunch to glue onto the yellow cards. I put clip art of a racing car on the labels to tie it in with my theme. One side of the card says hot lunch and the other side is cold lunch. The other door will be for homework. Each student will have one of those incentive charts that has a racing car theme. I'm going to layer two borders around the doors: red gingham and black gingham. The title will be in red gingham letters.

    *Helpers: The title for this will be "Mrs. C's Pit Crew." I am going to use a pattern of a race car to trace and cut out cars from different materials. (I'm trying to make my room appealing to the girls to! Some of my fabric peices include camo, pink with flowers, plaids, and so on.) Each of these cars will be labeled with a classoom job. Students will have a "people" cutout I purchased at the teacher store to decorate and write their names on. The "people" will rotate from job to job. For this area of my magnetic white board, I will use super sparkle pink border.

    *Postcard Exchange: The title will be "Race Across America." This will also be on my board and with a race car border. I have purchased a United State fabric map to display. Each time we receive a postcard we will add a magnet to that state. I made three different types of magnets for the map. From Wal-Mart I purchased the small round magnets. Then I found a package of 10 micro-race cars at Wal-Mart and glued them on the magnets. The next thing I found was a package of 16 racing pennant party cupcake picks. (Those things that you stick in the cupcakes for decoration!) I used wire cutters to shorten the stick and then glued them on magnets. The last thing I found was a package of small wooden wheels. I painted those black with a silver rim and glued them on magnets.

    *Classroom Library: These are the slogans I have for my reading corner-"The Reading Pit," "You always win the race when you read!" and "Burn rubber - read a hot book!" I purchased a white and black checkered tablecloth from the party store to put on the wall. Around that I will use a super sparkle blue border. Then I will hang racing photos that I found online. I also have two used tires to put in the library. I bought two racing handkerchiefs at a racing store and am using those to make pillows for the tires.

    *Teacher/student correspondance: I started this last year and loved it. The students can write to me and put it in my mailbox. I will then write them back and put the letter in their envelope (this year it will be a race car.) The background is black/white checkered material from Wal-Mart. Each student will have a race car cut out of various materials of solid colors. For the border I am going to layer red sparkle border and a racing car border.

    *Birthday: I have the title "We Brake For Birthdays" that I got off this site. That's as far as I've gotten with b-days.

    *Behavior: I'm undecided about this. Like one of the other posters said, I had thought about using stickers on my already made behavior cards. I've also read the idea to make a racing track and letting students rotate around the track. I"ll use "Winner's Circle" to post the rewards and "Speed Limits" for the rules. My students can earn "Crew Bucks" for good behavior to spend at the end of the month. They can buy goodies such as art projects, beads in a bag to make necklaces/bracelets, school supplies, and other stuff.

    *Calendar: I used PrintMaster15 to make cards for my calendar days. I used a picture of a race car and then put the numbers on top of the picture.

    *I bought racing nametags and desktags from the teacher store, along with racing notepads. I also found race car rug on e-bay for about $13.

    *Other racing treasures: I bought a racing themed tin of popcorn at Big Lots. After the popcorn is gone the tin can be used for storage. I found several more goodies at the racing store. A t-shirt that says something about "Daytona" and "Honor Student" has been put on a floor pillow that is a dog. I purchased two racing license plates to hang along with two huge racing flags(with drivers on them.) I also found a couple of racing flags to mount from the outside of my doorway. I found a huge banner at the party store that says "Welcome Racers" to hang in the hallway. The last things (I think) that I bought at the store were two small pillows covered in a plastic type material so they'll be easy to clean.

    I know my post is long, but I hope you find some ideas you can use. If you will look page 2 or 3 of the theme board you should be able to find some more posts about racing.

    Good luck! Betsy:)

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