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    similar experience
    By Carolyn

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    I went to work in a school district as a fifth grade teacher. My principal and others kept telling me how "great" I was in the upper grades. When I requested a switch to a lower grade, my principal kept telling me how wonderful I was in fifth grade and that I belonged there. I wasn't switched.

    The following year, I was actually given a notice from Personnel that I was receiving an involuntary transfer to our brand-new middle school! I was told that my background was "perfect" for teaching language arts to the "older" kids. I didn't want to move to middle school. I wanted to try the lower grades, not the higher grades. I told the Personnel Director in a nice, but firm letter that I was declining the position at the middle school. Somebody retired at my school, so I stayed on as a fifth grade teacher.

    At the end of the next year, I requested a third grade position that became available at our school, but I was again told that I was "great" as a fifth grade teacher and wasn't going to be moved, much to my disappointment. I went back to do fifth grade again.

    Seeing that I wasn't going to get either a transfer or a grade level change in my own school, I applied for a position in another district and got that. Sometimes, you just have to apply elsewhere to get the change that you want.

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