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    I'm Sorry
    By JA

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    That is what I meant. I should have said cooperating but that is different from my supervisor from the college. He had taught for many years and found nothing wrong with the level of my assignments. I posted some of my lessons above and I followed the textbooks. My cooperating teacher was/is strictly a textbook only teacher. She is older and hasn't changed much. So she didn't like any of my hands on activities. She still today tells me I need to follow the textbook and I quote "to make sure I teach all the skills because there isn't enough time for the fun activities I do." When research states having a student read from a textbook and do worksheets does not teach all the skills. She also doesn't do bulletin boards and told me I wouldn't have time to keep up with my interactive bulletin boards (graphing the moon to demonstrate the pattern, graphing the temperature for weather) when I was teaching. Her method of teaching was to call on a student, get the correct answer, and everyone write it down. My method of teaching is to go through the skills with the students, model some problems, then have them do this on their own. I would walk behind each student to see if they were catching on. As soon as I saw someone stuck then I would either work with that student individually, or I would remodel the problems if it seemed like more than a couple weren't getting it. Yes I do feel this is acceptable for 2nd grade. We need to let students know they can get it for themselves to help build self-confidence. So even though I typed that wrong and I am a new teacher, it doesn't mean I was wrong even just because I was a student teacher. My principal last year and my new one this year (our reading specialist who was previously in administration) said that I did not teach nor act like a new teacher. That doesn't mean I still don't have a lot to learn. Last year was a huge organization learning experience and there's always new research on teaching methods. There's tons of creative ideas out there that I research and adapt to my classroom. Plus I learn something new everyday that I wouldn't choose to do again. I did student teaching too but that doesn't mean I should only be an upper elementary teacher and that my cooperating teacher knows all because she has had more experience than me.

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