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    A Key to Helping a Lesson Not Bomb
    By Lara

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    After I had bombed a lesson, a teacher I didn't know very well asked to see me after school. I went and she sat me down and we went through the lesson, step by step. She then gave me a piece of advice I still use. She said, "Consider doing two or three mini activities.That way, they are not bored and stay on task, you have goals to get through and each type of learning is being addressed. Make it exciting!" I have followed her advice and have rarely bombed since.
    My last evaluation was great. I began with a KWL chart on owls, then moved to a video to show the students what owls looked like, did a craft activity where we made an owl mask with real feathers and then we did a phonics lesson on vowels, and we finished with the KWL chart. WOW! My administrator was thrilled! We even wore our masks to the playground and flapped our 'wings'. Just remember, we are all human and it happens to all of us. :)

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