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    By Krista

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    Have you read "Love and Logic"? I would highly suggest it. It talks about natural and logical consequences and give LOTS of suggestions and guidance on how to deal with situations such as the one you described.

    And you may have to consider what the student said. They may not consider the activity worthwhile if they already know each other. It doesn't give him the right to be disrespectful, but he is giving you feedback. Perhaps frame the activity in a different way. I'm going to do a game in which each student writes down 3 interesting things about themselves that they'd like to share. I start, then someone who has a common one goes next. This continues until all students are standing.

    I've also done a "Getting to know you" Web with yarn. We all sit in a circle and pass the ball of yarn around while holding a portion with our other hand. Each person says an interesting thing about them. It's tactile, so they like it!

    Good luck .


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