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    Sounds to me
    By AJ

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    It sounds to me like she has taught lower grades even maybe 1st but not 2nd. It doesn't sound like she was freaked out over 1st, but I guess could have been. Second grade is a lot of fun! I taught my first year last year in 5th/6th. I had never gone above 2nd prior to that except during subbing. I subbed a 5th grade class and had the worst headache in my life. I am moving back down next year. I managed to have a good year and my students managed to learn. So you will survive at the very least. Get lots of help from your team. The other 5th grade teacher helped me a lot. At first I had no clue how to actually read the curriculum and was completely confused. It was more detailed from the overview I saw in college. Other schools I had been in also used the overview. This school used the in depth (which I'm sure other schools used but didn't show me). It, instead of being one page front and back, was 100 pages or more! I did catch on pretty quickly. Just expect some blank moments but know that you will do great!

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