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    By Sam

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    Well, based on what sounds like a 'freaking out' plea, plus after reading that you haven't taught at all in EC, I don't really think you are ready to teach it! What exactly do you mean you haven't taught at all? Surely you've done internship on lower grades-- so how long did you have 'block' teaching and what grades? There is so much to teaching; children, Admin, workload, parent headaches etc that noone can tell you exactly what to do on a board.

    If you haven't done much and haven't been involved in teaching Early Childhood then I KNOW that your college -- or someone-- has done you a massive injustice!! You've gotta know about this age bracket and at the moment it sounds like it'll be a 'sink or swim' situation! Which it doesn't have to be if you'd had, or can find now, a good mentor Teacher.

    At least it's Grade 2-because Grade 1 is much harder. 2's are more settled, in a routine and can read and write more independently, plus they're fun. I love that age.

    My advice is; find some senior teacher you can trust to plan an overview of work- maybe you can start with a theme like "All About Me". Children love this. Get them to bring in lots of their personal goodies like photos to share together and help them form friendships. You can then sort out what you need to do to gather resources to get you going.

    Or, DON'T take the job at all and work voluntarily a day or two per week in a lower primary classroom and you will absorb so much that it will benefit you lots and give you time for your confidence to grow.

    Good luck!!

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