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    One is to say the letter sounds instead of the letters when singing the ABC song. We use the "hard c and g" sound and the short vowel sounds. Then to the tune of "The Farmer In The Dell" we sing The Consonant Song -- "Letter 'b' says 'buh', letter 'b' says 'buh', let's sing our song of consonants, letter 'b' says 'buh'-- hard 'c' says 'cuh',etc. For the vowels it is to the tune of "Bingo" -- "The letters a,e,i,o,u -- are known as the vowels -- short 'a' says /a/, /a/, /a/ -- short 'a' says /a/, /a/, /a/, short 'a' says /a/, /a/, /a/ -- it is one of the vowels -- short 'e' says /e/, /e/, /e/, etc -------- the letter 'y' is a tricky one, sometimes it is a vowel -- if 'y' says /e/, /e/, /e/ -- if 'y' says /i/, /i/, /i/ -- if 'y' says /e/ or /i/, then it is a vowel. Hope you can understand all of this. Hope it helps. My kids love it.

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