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    "quit kicking my feet"
    By Ashley

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    Hey's me again. I was back in my room this morning predicting all the things I would come across with my groups. Do you experience many problems with those "bigger taller" kids who can't help that their feet sometimes mosy on over into the person facing them's space? Keep in mind this is my first year teaching. I remember being in a 5th grade class at one time and hearing kids complaining about that...ha. Also, I like the idea of having those four rows of just two desks together, due to lack of space...yes it's going to be tight I think with a horsehoe table and another round table, plus all the other "stuff". I'm so scared I'm going to be kicking myself after watching those kids walk in the first day and trying to pull their chairs out, all while bumping into the person behind them, etc. I really do have a life you guys...I just love this site and how quick the responses come!!

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