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    I also like arranging my desks in groups and usually start the year off with them already in groups. I wanted to add that this year because of a larger class and not as much room to move between groups, I did something different that I thought would be a problem, but turned out to be helpful. I had a group of four and six on each side of the room and in the middle (where I usually put a group of six), this year I put four rows of two desks each. I thought the students at these desks might complain about not being in a group, but most of them liked it. It also helped for those students who can not always work in a larger group setting. When I needed them in a larger group , I would just have the first and third row turn their chairs and or desks around and match up with rows two and four. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it if space happened to be a problem for you. Good luck in the upcoming school year.

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