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    What to do?
    By K

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    I'm also teaching the Everyday Math for the first time this year. Our corporation just adopted it for all grade levels. I will be teaching the "accelerated" fifth graders the 6th grade Everyday Math. I'm so hesitant about this program because I know there are many state standards that are not covered in the program per grade level. How do I touch on the standards for fifth grade that are not taught in the 6th grade book? Even the 5th grade program doesn't teach all the standards. It is so random. I understand that after a few years, the children should be caught up. However, what should I do with my 5th graders now that will be brand new to the program? I'm also concerned about grades and how to assess. I hear there is a CD, but how much time does that involve? I'm tired of having to supplement, create, etc. for everything we do. This program seems extremely time consuming. Any thoughts?

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