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    By Julie

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    I love, love, love 4th grade but do not love the late assignments that often seem to come with it. It took me FIVE years, but I finally got a system that all but eliminated any and all late assignments.
    After each assignment is assigned, I write it on the board and the students have to write it in their assignment notebooks right then. I would also write their numbers below the assignment. Students were allowed to turn in assignments as they finished them, and they would cross their names off. This is such a help at the end of the day when you are trying to get the one or two disorganized students packed up.
    Late assignments, when they happen, result in a late slip (get the carbon copy kind from the teacher store). The students had to have the slip signed (I would tape it to the board so I wouldn't forget) and couldn't have recess until it was signed. 10 points came off of late assignments, and I would color the box in the grade book yellow so that I could easily keep track. I would then put the number on the report card - ie 5 late assignments this quarter.
    I always give adequate hw time. Many students go home with little to no hw.

    At the fourth grade level, it's pretty easy to tell if a parent has helped, or if they have copied off of a friend's paper (they don't tend to put the answers in their own words). Math is a little different, but a lot of times they'll tend to take the answer and not show the work.

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