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    By Amanda

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    I have taught first grade for several years and sometimes I have had a crier in my room. (Usually it is a little girl.) I have a little stuffed mouse that I keep just for this occasion. I tell a story about this little mouse that is all alone in my classroom and he is frightened. He hears a noise, and it is me setting up my room for the new year. He tells me that since he has such big ears he hears everything much louder than it really is. He is afraid that the noise will frighten him. He tried staying in another classroom but it was just too loud. Then I ask if the children would like for him to stay in our classroom. Usually I get a resounding YES. (This also helps with the noise in my class.) So then I give him to my frightened little crier to take care of. This usually helps with the crier. I had one little girl that only had to keep the stuffed animal near her desk.
    Another strategy I have used is to have the crier draw how they feel. That worked well for one little girl I had years ago.
    Amanda H.

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