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    name's in the baseball
    By Ashley

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    I just wanted to share what I used last year with my fourth graders. I had this tin piggy bank in the shape of a fairly large baseball...bought it from Hallmark years ago. I used it in addition to my discipline plan though. I would reward students for good behavior by putting their name in the baseball. At the end of the week, Friday afternoons, they couldn't wait for me to draw my five names from the baseball. I gave them a choice of what they'd like as their reward. There were times when all I had to do was lean over the table, start writing names on my hot pink slips of paper, stick them inside the slot and wa-lah, they were finished talking...because they knew I was looking for those who were following directions. Sometimes I would give them a choice if we were playing a game with our vocab. words or something...they could get a piece of candy or put their name in the baseball and almost every time they'd rather have their name in the baseball! It was so funny. The room would be silent on Friday afternoons as my assistant drew those names...some kids would comment that they prayed the night before that their name would be drawn...haha.

    Even if you didn't have a baseball bank like mine you could come up with a way of making one look similiar out of a coffee can or something...who knows?!?

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