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    By Cathy-Dee

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    Hi Stacie,

    I teach for the Fort Vermilion School Division and really enjoy it.

    I'm not sure what types of questions they would ask. I would assume they would be screening you to put your name onto a list and then take it from there. I haven't heard of many openings in the Calgary area or the Edmonton area either.

    It really is difficult to get on in the cities themselves. I have friends in Edmonton who have been in short-term positions, temporary positions, etc., for up to 6 years before finally getting a full-time position. And even then there is always the threat of cut-backs.

    In the smaller towns you may have a chance especially if you look at the towns opposite the "mountains" as everyone wants to teach in those towns as well.

    Put anything in your cover letter that will be very attractive to schools - if you have a music/art/drama background or can speak a second language for example. It could give you a leg-up so to speak.

    Good luck with the hunt I hope something turns up for you soon.

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