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    for 6th grade
    By Hollywood Theme

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    I too have a Hollywood Theme for my 6th grade class. It was my director's chair (given to me with my name by a student teacher of mine) that gave me the idea, along with the popularity of American Idol, I thought it would be right up their ally. My room is simple. I have 4 bulletin boards.
    1. Filming on Location, highlighting social studies and ancient civilizations. The border is filmstrip made from our teacher center and a couple of cut outs of cameras.
    2. This board has a marquee (made from lined butcher paper and shiny metallic border) which states "(Name) Elementary Presents and off to its side is small banner-like strips with the reading genres (mystery, biography, humorous, etc) and are put next to the Now Appearing sign. The board is for our response to literature writing.
    3. I bought a bulletin board pkg at a local school supply that was a center stage idea with curtains, stage, and lights. This board is my word wall/vocabulary area. We talk about how actors convey their performance through their vocab...etc.
    4. The last board is small and it is my TV Land (my initials are TV and my kids love telling their parents they watch TV all day. I use this for a variety of things; math, current events, spelling, etc.
    I also have a Walk of Fame (go online and read about it, people are voted to have a star and it cost money, very interesting)I use this for an awards area but the possibilities are limitless.
    I have a job wheel that is a star mounted on a big circle with 5 jobs (points to students) Director(flag salute), Agent(answers phone),Producer(checks homework), Props(passes out paper),Actor(runs arrands)
    I've talked enough. Hope this gives you some ideas. I'm always looking for ideas too. Good luck.

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